How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking for a way to refinish your kitchen cabinets? Well, perfect, then you are reading the right post, we will be talking about how to refinish kitchen cabinets today. If your kitchen cabinets are looking like they have been through a lot and old you may want to give them the new look they deserve. With easy steps, you can refinish your kitchen cabinets and it is super easy, however, of course, professional help will always be the best choice if you are new to DIY( Do it yourself) situations. However, do not worry as we will be going through step by step for you to get the perfect kitchen cabinets. Be aware that refinishing kitchen cabinets may take a long time, up to 10 days. So, if you don’t have the patience to get professional help or you will have a hard time.

How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets, Step 1:

Clean the surfaces of the cabinets as well as possible. Before doing any refinishing, you should first clean the surfaces and take out all of the stains, this is important as any of the steps if you want a new look you should start it off with the right step.

Step 2: Always protect yourself and the kitchen

Do not forget to protect yourself and your kitchen, you would not want to get hurt or damage the kitchen in any way, be sure to wear glasses while using wood cleaners and always wear gloves to protect your skin. You can protect the kitchen by spreading drop cloths on the floor.

Step 3: Soak the Hardware

There is a strong chance that the hardware on the cabinets needs a refinishing as well, so take out all of the hardware and soak them by placing them in a large basin with soap and water for thirty minutes. Once they are clean take them out and let them dry, afterward polish them as best as possible and let them wait for another 30 minutes.

Step 4: Prime, Sand, Paint

This step is the hardest but most useful part, once you are finished with cleaning the hardware now it is time to take good care of the cabinets. Fill in the dents that are on the cabinets with wood filler. After all the dents are closed sand the surface of the cabinet and clean away all the dust. Do this for all the cabinets, the sanding process might be problematic indoors so you can consider doing this outside the house. Now the last part, after all of these steps above are done you can start painting. You should do this outdoors as you could get affected by the scent, pick the color that fits the most after letting them dry your refinishing is done. Although it seems as easy steps you should get professional help if you think you are doing a bad job at this. If not, consider doing it with the help of others, the more people the better. If you managed to do it by yourself with the help of this how to refinish kitchen cabinets post, great job! You are a real DIY master.



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