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We as a Golden Source Kitchen & Bath Design Center are here to provide you the best countertops on the market. We make sure to give our customers the prime service at all time and see them happy with their choices.

Countertop process is in 3 steps; Templating, Fabrication and Installation. We do free all of these.

So now there is a question that which choice is better for you? 

Grantie Vs. Quartz:

Is One really better than the other?
Let’s see and you decide.

First of all;
Granite is a very hard stone and 100% natural. It has a fine polished finish when you seal it. Quartz is a 95% natural and 5% polymer resins. It’s extremely durable and has a sealed surface.

Granite comes in many different colors and patterns and there is no two granite countertops are the same. Thats why quartz is more popular in these days. With quartz you can match your cabinet color easier.

Well, the granite prices seems budget-friendly, At Golden Source Kitchen & Bath, you can save a lot with our wholesale prices and free installation offer for quartz countertops, too.

Since, both Granite Countertops and Quartz Countertops should be cleaned daily with a mild cleaner and water, Granite is also need to be sealed once a year.

While Granite is durable and resistant to heat, Quartz is actually harder than Granite and so more durable but you need to be more careful with excessive heat which it can be damaged with.
Anyway both Granite and Quartz Countertops are really goog choices, you should just consider to match with your style and needs.

Come today to the Biggest Showrooms in the Tri-State Area which is 10,000 sqft and Displaying a Vast Amount of Quartz / Granite Countertops