Choosing the Best Tiles for Your Bathroom

To start a Bathroom Renovation, the first thing you need to think about is the tiles. Typically at the beginning you will choose a floor tile, tile for the shower/tub area and/or all of the walls in your bathroom, and maybe a backsplash tile for the vanity. 

Choosing the tiles for different areas may seem too much for you, but if you decide which material you want to use for your overall bathroom renovation, that will make the other steps easier. Let’s see what your options are; 

For the Bathroom Remodeling, the most known choice is Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles. Ceramic Tile is one of the most affordable and easy-to-install options. On the other hand, Porcelain Tile is more durable and so it is a bit expensive than ceramic tile. 

If you don’t like to clean the tub and shower area, you should consider choosing the porcelain or ceramic tiles since they are maintenance free. When choosing tile for these very wet areas, you may not want to go with Natural Stones since tiles made from natural stone require more maintenance and do have to be sealed once every six months. They have definitely more pores so they hold on to dirt more. But if you want to add more texture with stone, and do not like the polished finished tile, it may be a good idea to use natural stones like marble, granite or travertine on the main floor or wall area which does not get wet easily. 

Another option is Glass Tile. It is so pretty and makes a great wall or accent tile. But do not forget that it is super slippery, so you definitely do not want to use it on the floor. But it’s installation is so easy and has a polished appearance. 

After you choose the best material for your needs, you can decide the size, color and pattern you will go with. 

Tile size is a very important decision on the overall appearance of your bathroom. Smaller tiles means more grout lines, and extra large tiles may mean having smaller look spaces. So be careful, and choose the right size of the tile for your space. 

Then you should decide on the Color and Pattern. When you are considering this, don’t forget to not use more than three patterns in the same place. If you decide to use decorative tiles for the larger areas, you can pull more sub colors from it to use in your accent tiles. If however your first choice is really plain, you may want to add an element to your new bathroom design with a colorful accent tile. 

For smaller bathrooms, you can consider lighter colors, and for bigger spaces you can have larger tiles.  

In any case, you must think about your taste, and so your choice will not be boring for many years. Ultimately, the choice of what material, size, color and pattern you use in your bathroom, that will be your style. 

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