How to Adjust Kitchen Cabinets Doors

How to Adjust Kitchen Cabinets Doors

Kitchen cabinets are great to store your kitchen equipment but that is not all. They are a great way to design the kitchen. You can find all kinds of cabinets that will fit perfectly for your kitchen and create the design in your mind. Kitchen cabinets doors are the main part of the cabinet and the part that will need the most attention. How to adjust kitchen cabinets doors for the perfect look and the perfect usage is something many people wonder. That is why this post was created! If your kitchen cabinet doors are not perfectly sitting or if they are loose these are some of the tips you can consider doing. There are three simple steps you can take to perfectly adjust your kitchen cabinets doors.

How to Adjust Kitchen Cabinets Doors: Three Steps

Side-to-side Adjustments

The first step and the step which usually solves the problem of a loose kitchen door is to adjust the door side to side. You can adjust the door by screwing the screws that are on the left side of the door. Which means the screws that are closest to the door. You will need to turn the screw clockwise until the cabinet door is sitting perfectly. If this does not solve your problem don’t worry as two more steps might solve the issue. The vertical Adjustment If the first step did not solve the problem and the door is still loose try the vertical adjustment. This step will require you to find the screws that are on the top and the bottom which are located at the T-junction of the hinge. Do not forget to support the weight of the door while you are making this adjustment as you may cause even more issues. Loosen both the top and bottom screws until it is possible to adjust the door until it fits perfectly to its place. Do this process with care and ease as you don’t want to loosen the screw too much! Just enough to adjust the door, afterward, tighten the screws. If this step worked, perfect but if it did not take a look at step three.

Back to Front Adjustment

If none of the two steps before worked then there is a strong chance that this step will solve your door problem. You can do the back to front adjustment by loosening the screws that are on the right side of the door, between the screws that we adjusted at step two. Loosen the screws and the door will be able to be adjusted to back and front. After the screws are loosened adjust it until the door fits its’ nesting. When it does tighten the screw and there you have it. If this post on how to adjust kitchen cabinets doors did not help after all of these steps and your doors are still not adjusted to your needing it would most likely be best that you have some professional help.



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