Welcome home! Nothing says comfort like a warm finish touching rustic wood.

Our Rustic Alder kitchen cabinets add to the homespun look of the delightful space. With an island that emulates a table filled with basket storage, it accentuates the hardworking and highly functional kitchen that surrounds it.


Schrock Cabinetry Galena Light Kitchen Cabinets

Create French-country elegance with the Schrock Cabinetry Galena Light Kitchen Cabinets. In classic French fashion, layered recessed panels with a light cream color bring out the beauty of these kitchen cabinets gracefully. A layer of gray stone glaze covers the light maple coconut wood to finish off the look. You’ll certainly be dazzling all your friends at the next dinner party you host. The light coconut maple seems to glow when the sun rises and bounces off the light glaze. Take a moment to appreciate its grandeur because we know your family will!

Key Features
● 100% handcrafted by talented artisans
● Premium grade timber that will last you a lifetime and generations to come
● Has a glint of glossy charm that makes the kitchen cabinets shine during the day
● Beautiful light cream colored coconut maple wood with a gray stone glaze

Adorn your kitchen space with our Schrock Cabinetry Galena Light Kitchen Cabinets and order yours today!