Small doesn’t have to mean stingy. Every inch is cleverly used for storage, making the most out of the minimal space in this serene Shaker style kitchen featuring gray cabinets in the Elston Maple door style and Maple Cloud finish.

The “L” shaped prep area is a hard worker, yet still leaves room for the display of pretty things! The simple island is the perfect touch for a pared down space, small is stature, but long on function. Just right for a room with filled with a calm attitude.


Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style or make waste of your available space. Compact and reliable with ample storage, Schrock’s Elston line of cabinetry is perfect for making the most out of your kitchen size and shape.

The modern yet minimalist shaker style of the Elston line provides ample storage and display space. With open shelving, these cabinets allow you to display décor, your favorite set of dinnerware, or a prized cookbook collection.

The use of compact yet highly functional drawer spaces allows you to have a spot for everything you need in your kitchen.

The closed-off cabinets come in narrow short, narrow-tall, and wide short varieties to fit your needs. This modern look is finished off in a stunning maple cloud finish that will blend perfectly into any home style or décor preferences. Expertly designed and built to last,

Schrock’s Elston cabinets will make you proud to show off your kitchen space, no matter the size.