The clean, current look of the Brennan cabinet doorstyle has a thinner profile rail and smooth lines.


Most people spend an ample amount of time in their kitchens throughout their lives. Why not make that experience more enjoyable and relaxing?

Schrock’s Brennan line of cabinetry will help you turn your kitchen space into a relaxing oasis of organization and clutter-free counter space. Whether you are looking to update your wet bar area or bring new life into your kitchen space, Schrock has you covered.

These beautiful cabinets feature a door style that has a thinner profile rail with smooth lines that create the right amount of depth without taking away from needed space. The stone color finish will blend seamlessly with other similar hues of paint to create a more relaxing and inviting look.

This line also features both open and closed cabinetry, multiple drawer sizes, and a stunning crosshatch countertop wine holder. You will have space for everything to keep things clutter-free and organized. Schrock’s Brennan cabinet line offers a modern, current, and clean look that will never go out of style.