Allure / Onyx / Frost

Allure / Onyx / Frost

Allure / Onyx / Frost

White kitchens cabinets are sure to enhance the kitchen’s design radiating a classy and transitional setting. This Onyx door offers an adaptable option that adds originality and interest to any kitchen and will look equally stylish in modern or classic spaces. Add a crisp, airy feel to your kitchen with our Frost cabinets. Your white kitchen dreams will come true with these bright and sleek white cabinets.

Allure / Onyx / Frost

Allure / Onyx / Frost


This truly adaptable cabinet combination is sure to style any kitchen space just right whether it is more modern or classic.

The Fabuwood Onyx Frost combination is a show stopper with the ability to enhance any setting. It truly is an exquisite pairing with the beautiful finish paired with the elegant design.

The Onyx line is both classy and transitional with unique embellishments lending to an original and chic look in both modern and classic spaces.

Able to work well in contemporary and conventional kitchen spaces, the profile and paneling work to pull an original look together.

The Frost finish lends to an airy, clean, and open feel, brightening and opening up your space. The Onyx Frost cabinet combination is a beautiful option to bring a clean crisp feeling to your kitchen working with conventional and contemporary styles.

Pair this cabinet combination with light and bright elements and accents to further play up the airiness of the Frost finish. Utilize a beautiful white marble countertop to add a beautiful detailing complimenting the easy detailing of the Onyx line and the brightness of the Frost finish.

Add bold metallic drawer and cabinet handles to contrast these cabinets and create dimensionality against the lightness of the combination. These cabinets can also be elegantly paired with a lighter or darker floor. Wood and tile options could pair nicely with these cabinets.

You can utilize your flooring to either warm up your kitchen space or add to a feeling of crisp airiness when choosing these cabinets. Adding a textured wall and backsplash could help to lend dimensionality to this beautiful and clean cabinet combination.

To bring a sleek brightness to your kitchen in a unique and classy way that compliments both modern and classic styles, choose the Onyx Frost cabinet line and finish pairing.