Shiloh Cabinetry Savannah Medium Kitchen Cabinets

Capture the awe of a casual walk in savannah with these Shiloh Cabinetry Savannah Medium Kitchen Cabinets.
The sandy brown, weathered look on hard grain timber makes these kitchen cabinets a real stand out.
Depth is created by incredible craftsmanship and artisans who work religiously to perfect their art.

You won’t find another set of kitchen cabinets as graceful and rugged as the Savannah cabinets. There are layers in the paneling that seem to never end. Having these Savannah Kitchen Cabinets is like hanging up art that serves a purpose. It’s spacious, made from dense wood, and touched up with a durable coating so it lasts generations to come.

Key Features
● 100% handcrafted by talented artisans
● Made from premium quality wood that’s durable and equally elegant
● Light-colored wood with a weathered look for a stylish charm
● 3-dimensional depth with intricate details that really pop

Detail your kitchen space with Shiloh Cabinetry Savannah Medium Kitchen Cabinets and order yours today!