Lakeland Blue Slate


Your kitchen cabinets should never be boring, instead they should be lively and interest the persons walking in and out of it.

St Martin’s understood this fact well hence the creation of the Lakeland blue slate design. To drive away boredom and repeated types of designs, this amazing kitchen type was created just for you.

The perimeter base of the cabinets and island are blue slate while the wall cabinets are simply white. With these features, your kitchen is set to be vibrant and give you a flow that you haven’t felt before.

Storage is not a problem at all considering the fact that the island cabinets are placed back to back to for additional storage. This means all your utensils, cutleries and the likes have enough room to be kept.


If you desire beauty and less boredom, then you should consider the Lakeland blue slate design in your kitchen now!