Allure / Nexus / Slate

Allure / Nexus / Slate

Allure / Nexus / Slate

A graceful wide frame creates a balance of conventional, yet contemporary appeal. The Nexus collection showcases recessed paneling and is characterized by crisp clean lines. The soft Slate color is simply elegant and coordinates extremely well with all other kitchen elements.

Allure / Nexus / Slate

Allure / Nexus / Slate


A graceful and elegant pairing, the Nexus Slate Kitchen cabinets have a well-rounded appeal.

These cabinets have a balanced style of conventional and contemporary and work well with other kitchen elements. Their stunning color against a graceful framing creates a grand kitchen space.

The Nexus line is a dimensional collection possessing a beautiful layered wide frame. Its lovely recessed paneling possesses crisp lines creating a show-stopping statement. The Slate finish has a cool soft color that can coordinate with many other colors, textures, and styles.

The Nexus collection and the Slate finish combine to create a remarkable cabinet. The elegance of this line works beautifully with other kitchen elements.

There are many ways to style these cabinets and a lot of aesthetics they’d fare well in. A dark granite countertop would add dimension to a space with these cabinets. The color would lead to a striking display of beauty.

Working with lighter neutral elements like flooring will soften the color of the cabinets. Walnut is a beautiful muted option that will lighten up the space while not taking away from the statement of the Nexus Slate cabinets.

Additionally, a white tile backsplash will add some dimension without taking away from the cabinets with excessive color or texture. To bring out the elegance, a crystal chandelier makes for a beautiful focal point accentuating the magnificence of this cabinet pairing.

Drawer and cabinet handles of silver metallic can pair beautifully with the Nexus Slate combination. Here you can additionally play up the stunning cabinets by choosing something with a little more visual interest.

Whether you are going for a classic or modern look in your kitchen, the Nexus line paired with the Slate finish is a strikingly elegant yet transitional option to choose.