Allure / Nexus / Frost

Allure / Nexus / Frost

Allure / Nexus / Frost

A graceful wide frame creates a balance of conventional, yet contemporary appeal. The Nexus collection showcases recessed paneling and is characterized by crisp clean lines. Add a crisp, airy feel to your kitchen with our Frost cabinets. Your white kitchen dreams will come true with these bright and sleek white cabinets.

Allure / Nexus / Frost

Allure / Nexus / Frost


The stunning appeal of the Nexus Frost cabinet pairing is unbeatable for an airy balanced kitchen space.

The Nexus line boasts graceful wide frames with both traditional and modern appeal. The Nexus line’s clean lines lead to a polished look in the kitchen.

Its paneling subtly deepens the cabinet doors bringing out the crisp lines. Combined with the Frost finish, these cabinets create a sleek and bright aesthetic in the kitchen.

This is an exquisite pairing with beautiful detailing and a snow-white finish. The perfect combination of conventional and contemporary, this cabinet combination is sure to please those looking for a spacious and light feeling.

A contrasting dark and rich floor or countertops can add a beautiful contrast. Additionally, a luxurious marble countertop paired with detailed metallic cabinet and drawer handles lends to that airy uplifted vibe. You could also opt for darker matte black handles for a beautiful contrast.

The versatility of this cabinet combination can be utilized to create more or less detail in a space depending on the other kitchen elements you use.

There are many ways you could take the Nexus Frost pairing Bringing its own brightness into your space, lighting is of no issue with this cabinet combination.

Go with a darker rich wood floor for a beautiful contrast or a polished tile look to exaggerate the clean fresh brightness these cabinets help to create. An ethereal elegance and a beachy vibe are some of the styles that can be invoked with these cabinets when using complementary elements.

Play this up or use contrasting colors and textures to make these cabinets a unique focal point.

For a contemporary yet conventional appeal and a bright and airy feel, the Nexus Frost cabinet combination can work wonders for the kitchen style you’re going for.