Allure / Imperio / Dove

Allure / Imperio / Dove

Allure / Imperio / Dove

The transitional Imperio line stands out with its flat panel and applied molding. This style combines classic detail with an up-to-date feel.

Allure / Imperio / Dove

Allure / Imperio / Dove


The transitional profile of the Imperio line with its modern and crisp cut brings an updated flair to an otherwise classic feeling kitchen cabinet. With its intricate detailing, the Imperio line paired with the traditional warmth of the Dove finish brings an elegant style to a kitchen or bathroom space.

The detailed molding gives a deep level of dimensioned layering, which stands out in the Imperio line and offers homage to styles of old that have endured the passage of time.

Sitting next to the flat paneling and modern structure of the line, the molding acts only as a hint of the past. A pleasant feel comes with this finish, providing a small amount of color, creating more depth to an already dimensional structure.

The flat panels and applied molding of the Imperio linework effortlessly with the Dove finish to bridge traditional with modern.

Create an exquisite and luxurious look reminiscent of the magnificent antique styles by pairing these kitchen cabinets with golden drawer and cabinet fixtures.

Combining the Imperio Dove cabinets with a white countertop will allow just enough contrast to create a visually appealing and light layout.

The Imperio Dove combination looks beautiful alongside lighter finished wood floors and furniture. You could also opt to pair it with darker finished wood to create a pop of warm light in your space. One of the marvelous things about this pairing is that it can create light and warmth as well as create dimension in lighter areas.

It all depends on the natural lighting available as well as the current and planned style choices for the space. Take the classic elegance of this pairing when making other design choices throughout your space.

Something creative and chic is in store for those who go this route.