Allure / Galaxy / Indigo

Allure / Galaxy / Indigo

Allure / Galaxy / Indigo

With smooth finishes, the Galaxy line makes quite the impression creating a polished look with a modern flair. The line offers an impressive minimalistic masterpiece with enduring appeal. Indigo adds a pop of cool-tone color that compliments your kitchen perfectly. Natural light paired with light countertops provide a balanced contrast with this color.

Allure / Galaxy / Indigo

Allure / Galaxy / Indigo


The minimalism of Fabuwood’s Galaxy line paired with the deep color of Indigo makes for a striking and elegant kitchen cabinet.

The simplicity of the Galaxy Indigo cabinets is both a modern and timeless option that will appeal for years to come. This bold pairing brings a comforting depth to a kitchen space.

The depth and subtle neutrality of the Indigo finish inspire a calming presence, putting one at ease upon entering and laying eyes on the cabinetry.

The Galaxy line provides a stylish modern feel. It boasts a beautifully polished look with only slight detailing in the molding and profile. Flat paneling mixed with the minimal molding of the Galaxy line creates impressive minimalism.

When paired with the dark, cool-toned Indigo finish, the Galaxy line offers an attractive comfort and magnificence. The Indigo finish is a perfect amount of detail to combine with the simplicity of the Galaxy line.

The deep color attracts the eye and can create a stunning and stylish space to enjoy. This luxurious finish pairs perfectly with a lighter countertop and flooring to create stunning contrast.

Use the natural lighting in your kitchen to your advantage, the Galaxy Indigo combination works beautifully with natural light to bring a balanced depth to your kitchen space.

Working well with minimal and metallic drawer knobs and cabinet handles is the way to go with this pairing. These types of fixtures offer a subtle contrast to the deep color while complementing the simple design of the Galaxy line.

Additionally, pairing with darker finishes, wooden and metallic, could inspire a darker aesthetic that could work depending on your tastes and other design plans.

Simple, streamlined, and bold, the Galaxy Indigo combination is for the light-themed well-lit kitchen and the style-oriented connoisseur.