Allure / Galaxy / Espresso

Allure / Galaxy / Espresso

Allure / Galaxy / Espresso

With smooth finishes, the Galaxy line makes quite the impression creating a polished look with a modern flair. The line offers an impressive minimalistic masterpiece with enduring appeal. This rich hue of our Espresso cabinets gives way to a grand and classic kitchen.

Allure / Galaxy / Espresso

Allure / Galaxy / Espresso


One of the more all-around classic looks is the Galaxy Espresso cabinet combination. It makes for sophisticated and stylish kitchen space with timeless appeal.

The Galaxy line boasts an impressive smooth finish creating a polished classic look with a modern touch. It is a stunning minimal piece with low profiling and only slight detail.

The Espresso finish lends to this a deep richness creating a grand kitchen space. The Galaxy Espresso pairing is truly an exquisite line and finishes combination. Pairing this cabinet combination with a classic granite countertop would only make sense.

The texture of the countertop would create a lovely contrasting dimension against the cabinet combination. The minimal style of the Galaxy line won’t take away from the striking Espresso finish when playing with textures and colors.

Working with a light to medium muted floor either wood or tile would draw out the warmth of these cabinets. Additionally, this pairing set against a neutral backsplash with some detailing would create further dimension.

Adding interesting and detailed lighting fixtures or working with a more minimal look would both look equally as good set against these cabinets. Work with minimal metallic drawer and cabinet handles set directly on this deep and naturally textured finish for a beautiful contrast.

The richness of the Espresso finish sits well against a more muted color palette. It creates a deep warmth in its own right. Play with textures, but leave the color pop to the cabinets.

Natural light pairs well with these cabinets, though their warmth additionally creates its own comfort. The stunning classic look of the Galaxy Espresso cabinet combination can bring a grand style to your kitchen space.

Play with the right textures and colors to accentuate the traditional sophistication of these cabinets.