Allure / Fusion / Stone

Allure / Fusion / Stone

Allure / Fusion / Stone

The transitional Fusion line stands out with its wide rail moldings, distinctive detailing, and classic profiling. This detailed style gives your kitchen a touch of traditional splendor with a refreshing twist.

Allure / Fusion / Stone

Allure / Fusion / Stone


Here is a deep earthy transitional option.

The Fabuwood Fusion line offers traditional cabinets with a modern feel. The wide rail moldings and other details are seamlessly incorporated into its classic profile.

This line brings with it a beautiful and subtle detailing into this otherwise minimal look, creating a level of depth within the cabinet itself.

The distinct qualities of this line offer timeless beauty. On top of what the Fusion line offers, the Stone finish adds a timeless feel to your kitchen space.

Its muted neutrality lends to a comforting effect. Bring this cabinet combination into your kitchen space for a chic warmth.

The Fusion Stone pairing works beautifully with lighter elements in the kitchen to create a pleasant contrast. White and other lighter neutral countertop colors combine with the cabinet pairing creating brightness with the darker element of the cabinets.

A darker or lighter wooden floor could bring these cabinets to life, either lending to their deep neutral color or creating further contrast. A richer dark wooden floor could lead to added dimension to a space with this muted cabinet pairing.

Opt for interesting focal pieces in your kitchen space with this cabinet combination. Play with unique light fixtures or interesting colors and textures.

A tile backsplash could add an element of elegance to a kitchen with these modern cabinets. Additionally, golden cabinet and drawer handles can bring a pop of intrigue to the beautiful muted cabinet combination.

Bringing an element of comfortable warmth to a kitchen space, the Fusion Stone cabinet pairing creates a subtly detailed traditional profile with modern details and color.

Play this aesthetic up with unique pieces, contrasting bright elements, and rich colors.

The Fusion Stone combination is a unique style with enduring timeless appeal.