Allure / Fusion / Oyster

Allure / Fusion / Oyster

Allure / Fusion / Oyster

The transitional Fusion line stands out with its wide rail moldings, distinctive detailing and classic profiling. This detailed style gives your kitchen a touch of traditional splendor with a refreshing twist.

Allure / Fusion / Oyster

Allure / Fusion / Oyster


The traditional color of the Oyster finish paired with the transitional Fabuwood Fusion line creates a distinctly classic look with a unique modern twist. The taupe of the Oyster finish provides a soft aesthetic working beautifully with the wide rail moldings and classic profile of the Fusion line.

It brings a warmth reminiscent of traditional cabinet styles into your space, creating a lovely cozy feel. Build out your kitchen with these cabinets for a beautiful and inviting space people will want to spend time in.

Additionally, there is a lot of room for creativity with these cabinets. The neutrality of the Oyster finish pairs well with different colors, textures, fixtures, and lighting.

A darker wooden floor will contrast with and complement the finish. Consider selecting unique or elements within your kitchen when going with these Fabuwood cabinets.

Pairing these cabinets with a light marble countertop and interesting lighting fixtures would make for a visually stunning space. Think about how you could contrast the truly neutral cabinets using different shapes and sizes of light fixtures and other elements.

A conical or bowl shape, or potentially something more decorative could all work with these cabinets. Darker or metallic cabinet fixtures would work with the Oyster Fusion pairing, as would darker furniture and appliances.

Show off your own creative spirit by working with their timeless classic style with a modern twist. This cabinet pairing additionally works well with different light levels, bringing in a level of warmth, but not so much as to deter those who get a lot of natural light in their kitchen space.

These cabinets are neutral enough to only be enhanced by a well-lit room.

Create a unique modern space with hints of a classic style with the Oyster Fusion cabinet pairing.