Allure / Fusion / Nickel

Allure / Fusion / Nickel

Allure / Fusion / Nickel

The transitional Fusion line stands out with its wide rail moldings, distinctive detailing and classic profiling. This detailed style gives your kitchen a touch of traditional splendor with a refreshing twist. Nickel is a painted finish that gives the kitchen a modern industrial look without feeling too dark.

Allure / Fusion / Nickel

Allure / Fusion / Nickel


Combining a classic style with a modern feel, the Fusion Nickel option by Fabuwood brings a stylish and industrial feel to a traditionally inspired cabinet structure.

With a subtle hint of color, the neutral darkness of the Nickel finish can create just enough shadow to make the rest of your kitchen pop. The versatility of this finish is both neutral and welcoming while additionally being stylish. It pairs well with wooden floors, contrasting nicely with natural wood colors.

The detail of the wide rail molding creates a subtle and pleasing traditional depth to the Fusion Nickel combination. Combine this kitchen cabinet with colors and textures throughout your kitchen. There are near infinite possibilities.

The Nickel finish brings a twist to the traditional profile and molding of the Fusion design. This pairing works well for a multitude of kitchen themes. These cabinets can bring stylish adaptable character to a kitchen from a more minimal look to leaning more traditional or updated.

They bring enough detail to keep a more minimal kitchen stylish, but not so much that your kitchen will look cluttered should you choose a different style.

Additionally, the neutrality and minimalism of the Fusion Nickel combination will work with many, handle fixtures and drawer knobs. Black, brown, even white in minimal, modern, or traditional, and more decorative are all options with these cabinets.

Create a more modern kitchen look by pairing this cabinet combination with a dark countertop and dark minimal drawer and cabinet fixtures, or go for a more classic look with light colors and decorative fixtures.

Whatever your kitchen’s style or the style you envision, bring an inviting warmth to your kitchen with the soothing subtlety of the Fusion Nickel combination.


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