Allure / Fusion / Dove

Allure / Fusion / Dove

Allure / Fusion / Dove

The transitional Fusion line stands out with its wide rail moldings, distinctive detailing and classic profiling. This detailed style gives your kitchen a touch of traditional splendor with a refreshing twist.

Allure / Fusion / Dove

Allure / Fusion / Dove


Fabuwood Allure Fusion Dove pairing presents an elegant take on the transitional style of the Fusion line. The Fusion line boasts an effortless bridge between traditional detailing with hints of a modern twist.

Its classic moldings and profiling give just enough dimension to the line to keep it simple yet aesthetically intriguing.

The classic Dove finish adds to the beauty of these cabinets, invoking a subtle warmth and detailing through its hint of color.

Its transitional styling and soft eggshell coloring come together to create a unique romantic feel. The Fusion Dove pairing offers room to explore and create textures and colors throughout the kitchen space.

It works beautifully with natural wood countertops and floors. Regardless of color, these fabuwood cabinets incorporate perfectly against a chestnut, pine, or walnut surface.

Working with multiple colors is also an option. Why not mix a wooden finished Island with a darker countertop?

Selecting intricate cabinet fixtures could be a fun way to spice up the space. These cabinets pair well with darker and metallic fixtures, both simple and complex. Classic handles additionally look great with this pairing.

A mix of modern and classic appliances and other elements in the kitchen work for these cabinets.

The romantic feel can be played up by utilizing rustic textures, including brick or brick-inspired walls.

You could create the most beautiful farmhouse feel by working with this cabinet pairing.

A well-lit kitchen would bring out the warmth within the Dove finish, only adding to the comfortable airiness of the space.

However, the hint of color creates a soothing effect itself when stepping into a North facing kitchen space.

Consider the Fusion Dove pairing if you’re interested in an elegant take on transitional styling.