Allure / Fusion / Blanc

Allure / Fusion / Blanc

Allure / Fusion / Blanc

The transitional Fusion line stands out with its wide rail moldings, distinctive detailing and classic profiling. This detailed style gives your kitchen a touch of traditional splendor with a refreshing twist. With white clean lines, our Blanc cabinets can range from modern to traditional style.

Allure / Fusion / Blanc

Allure / Fusion / Blanc


The Fusion Blanc cabinet combination is an excellent pairing that can work for both traditional and modern styled kitchens. The unique detailing including its wide rail moldings and classic profiling allows the Fusion line to bridge classic and contemporary- a traditional style with a modern twist.

The beautiful slightly off-white of the Blanc finish can additionally lend to the adaptable style of this cabinet combination. Its clean lines and bright color make it a flexible option incorporating seamlessly into whatever style of kitchen you have or are looking for.

Additionally, this finish brings a warm feeling into your space. This pairing is a dimensional option for your kitchen. Its unique appeal can be styled in a number of ways.

Paired with rich wood flooring, this combination will stand out in an attractive way. It works well with light to dark tones and can additionally add warmth to cooler or muted color schemes. It stands to be a remarkable contrast against wooden and darker countertops.

Additionally, the classic profiling of the Fusion line pairs well with a number of cabinet and drawer handles. Its versatility means you can choose more intricately detailed or minimal handles of varying colors.

Metallic golden and silver tones or black matte finishes would do well against the transitional style. One of the exquisite details of this cabinet pairing is the ability to act to warm and brighten a space.

The warms of the Blanc finish means that it will work in lower light settings. It will add to the beauty of naturally well-lit kitchen spaces, as well.

The Fusion Blanc cabinet pairing brings a balanced style able to adapt to contemporary and conventional looks.

Its versatile profile and color offer a unique and stunning aesthetic that will bring comfort and grace to your kitchen space.