Calacatta Sevella

Calacatta Sevella

“Sleeping Titans”

To really experience the majesty of Hubbard Glacier, Alaska, you need to catch the scene at the perfect point of sunset. An arctic wind blows through the glacier, sending a movement of ripples across the surface of its icy waters, like the gentle stirring of glacial giants in sleepy sheets of snow.

In Calacatta Sevella, we wanted to capture the sense of tremendous stillness we found in the grandeur of towering ice through dramatic grey veins, varying in size like the asperous surface of the icy Titans. We pay homage to ribbons of icy water, mercurial in shades of grey against a brilliant snowscape background. Ever-still and ever-changing, Calacatta Sevella invites you to experience a reverence for exploring timeless beauty with fresh eyes.


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