Calacatta Blanco

Calacatta Blanco

“Roots of Time”

The deeper you travel into the ancient forest of Laurisilva, Portugal the deeper you’re rooted in something magic and majestic, earthbound and eternal. Time itself is intertwined in twisting, creaking branches and sprawling roots — untamed and unyielding.

We designed Calacatta Blanco to mimic the ancient forest’s delicacy and dominance through veins of varying thickness, forming a dynamic network of dramatic bold greys and gentle browns. There’s a lightness in the rays of summer sun falling through the thicket which we weave into the design through luminous white quartz; the coolness of shade and the breath of sunshine mirrored in the contrast of sharp, branch-like veins against a brilliant backdrop. Calacatta Blanco brings a story of the forest, charged and unchanging to your space.


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