How to Restore Kitchen Cabinets?

How to Restore Kitchen Cabinets?

We use the kitchen every day in our houses, it is no surprise that in time our kitchen cabinets get worn off. The kitchen that you have worked so hard to make it look so modern and great will lose the look that it once had. You may want it to look like it once did probably the time back when you first bought it. So, in this post, we will be talking on how to restore kitchen cabinets. There are certain ways you can do this we picked for you the best ways that will make your kitchen cabinets look beautiful. And not cost you a ton of money. It will cost you almost nothing at all you can do these tips by the equipment that you already have in your houses.

How to Restore Kitchen Cabinets with Stain

If your cabinets are looking like they need a makeover you may want to restore their look with stain. It is possibly available in ever house today so it will not cost you anything. You may want it to look a darker tone than before so what you should do when this is the case is: The first thing you should do is to clean the cabinet with a mix of water and TSP. After they are all dry after a certain while sanding the cabinets without too much pressure and take away the dust with a tack cloth. Then you use polyurethane varnish until it takes the darker tone that you wish for. Let it dry for some time and there you have it. If you want to restore your kitchen cabinets to a lighter tone then follow these steps: You will have to remove as much as stain as possible from the cabinets, you can do so with the help of paint removers if that is not helping you can consider using chlorine bleach. Before you start sanding for a smooth surface which is needed to do the restoring be sure to apply wood filler to dents and any surface that look like it is dented in. After a while, apply the stain until it takes the lighter color you wanted it to look like. After it dries out apply protective wood sealer to it.

How to Restore Kitchen Cabinets with Paint

Of course, not only with stain but with paint you can also restore your kitchen cabinets to look much better. First, with a paint stripper remove all of the finish that is on the cabinet. Fill the dents if needed with wood filler. Then use a brush and the kind of paint color of your choice and paint the cabinet, do this with care as you wouldn’t want to get paint at parts you don’t want, it will be harder for you to take back what you painted. Sometimes it is time to say goodbye to your old cabinets and you can pick and buy a new one. If this post about how to restore kitchen cabinets did not work out the way you wanted it you can think of buying new ones for a great deal.



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