How To Make Kitchen Cabinet Doors

How To Make Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The best way to beautify your kitchen is by updating your kitchen cabinet doors. You can give your kitchen a fresh new look just by installing new kitchen cabinet doors incorporating the latest designs and appealing color shades. Got your mind set on revamping the aesthetic feel of your kitchen? We will help you out by showing you how to make kitchen cabinet doors on your own. In the present scenario, finding someone to help you out in building new kitchen cabinet doors might not be easy. But fret not, you can learn how to make kitchen cabinet doors and do your own DIY projects to give your kitchen a fresh new look. Here’s how you can make impressive kitchen cabinet doors right at your home without needing to spend a fortune.

Guide on How To Make Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Here’s the step by step guide on how to make kitchen cabinet doors created for you by our kitchen designing experts. Follow these steps to build attractive kitchen cabinet doors without any hassle.

Measure Cabinet Spaces

First of all you’ll need to measure all the dimensions of the cabinet thoroughly. Only then can you cut out cabinet doors that will fit the space correctly.

Select The Right Material

Next you need to decide upon which material to use for making your kitchen cabinet doors. For example, if you’re going for the overhead display cabinets, you can choose glass, in case of bottom and side storage cabinets, you can choose wood for strength and so on. Select the right material as per your usage requirements. In this article, we will be focusing mainly on wooden cabinet doors as they are the most popular choice.

Buy Door Material and Cut In Shape

Now, you need to buy your chosen material for the kitchen cabinet doors and cut them as per the dimensions measured. For convenient cutting, mark the cut lines with a chalk keeping an extra 1mm distance for finishing and smoothing later.

Install The Design

Now that you’ve made the basic outline of the doors, you need to design the door’s face. You can buy premade design carvings and fix them on your cabinet door or you can carve out your own design on the surface. It’s completely your own choice.

Finishing and Paint

As the final step, you need to sand and finish the cabinet doors and paint it. Use a high grit sandpaper to sand all the rough edges to make them smooth. Also sand the surface so that paint sticks to it nicely. After that, paint your cabinet doors with pleasing tones that contrast your entire kitchen. Apply a coat of clear varnish after the paint dries up for added protection. These were the simple and easy to follow steps regarding how to make kitchen cabinet doors. By following these steps you can make your kitchen highly appealing and beautiful. Follow Golden Source Kitchen for more articles and expert opinions.



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