How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

In this blog post, you will find out how to install kitchen cabinets properly. Kitchen cabinets are great not only for its capability to store a lot of your kitchen equipment but also, they are perfect for the design of your kitchen. It gives your kitchen the perfect modern look that will make your kitchen look beautiful. Thus, Kitchen cabinets are the ideal way to store and a great way to design the look of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are very important parts for your kitchen so we decided on letting you know how to install them on your own, without any help by yourself.

How to Install Kitchen Cabinets Properly

You bought a beautiful kitchen sink that will make your kitchen more beautiful and will give you a ton of space to store up your equipment, perfect! Now you are probably wondering how to install it right? Well, don’t worry we got you. There are certain steps that you should perform to get everything perfect.

Inspect your kitchen cabinets.

The first thing you should do is to get to know your cabinets. Inspect the cabinets very carefully to know where is what look at all the parts and the parts connections. Check if any of the parts are damaged or loose. Take your time to get to know the cabinets don’t rush it, this is one of the most important steps because the better you check the kitchen cabinets the easier time you will have to install them.

Find the high points of the floor.

You will have to find the high points of the floor because this will make it much easier when the time comes to installing the cabinets. It is very important that you get this right so take your time on this. You can find the high points by laying a straight 8-foot-long 2- x 4-inch board on the floor against the wall and place a carpenter’s level on top of it. Mark the high points of the floor.

Mark the top base of the cabinets.

Now with a pencil, you can mark the top of the base cabinets to have an idea on the height of the cabinets. Now we will use the high point that we marked in step one. Measure up to exactly 34-1/2 inches which are the standard height of a kitchen cabinet.

Locate and Mark the Wall Studs.

In the last steps, you have to locate and mark the wall studs you can do this with the help of a stud finder. After you do so drill the marked studs and you are ready to install the cabinets. Don’t forget to mark the middle part of the markers that you have set. Place the cabinets on the markers that you have set afterward screw them in. Installing kitchen cabinets is no easy task, how to install kitchen cabinets is all up to take steps that we have talked about it is very important to go step by step. Even though it is possible to install the cabinets by yourself it is advised and highly preferred to take professional service. You can get premium service for installing kitchen cabinets from our site.



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