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Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets: Golden Source Kitchen Design Center

Fabuwood is one of the leading brands in the Cabinetry World. We can proudly say that Golden Source Kitchen & Bath is the most known dealer of this National Kitchen Brand. With a range of styles, materials, and finishes available, Fabuwood offers a multitude of options catering to your specific taste and needs. They make luxury kitchens affordable, without compromising on comfort, quality, and efficiency. Their unique collections transform modern and traditional homes into something to dream of.

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Fabuwood is deeply committed to four core values. Quality, Service, Innovation, and Community. At Fabuwood, they recognize that design is so much more than just appearance alone. That is why they diligently focus on quality sourcing all components that make up their superior cabinets. At Fabuwood, everything is tested – they leave nothing to chance. They are committed to providing with all the means necessary to facilitate a seamless and successful sale for their dealers. As a Golden Source Kitchen&Bath Design Center, we appreciate them for their respect and solid relationship with us. By evolving and expanding their product lines, they constantly adapt to the changing tastes of consumers. They are always there to offer support and guidance to both their employees and dealers. They believe that a teamwork-based culture will give the best possible experiences for everyone.

Why Fabuwood as a Kitchen Cabinet?

Fabuwood has a combination of 12 Significant Standards of Quality. To fully achieve Q12 eligibility, a cabinet must meet twelve unique standards of quality.

These are;

  • Quality Sourced Lumber
  • Pro Touch Techniques
  • Dovetail Construction
  • Anti-Warp Structures
  • Metal Shelf Clips
  • Solid Back Builds
  • Flush Fit Frames
  • Finished Interiors
  • Soft-Closing Action
  • Fluid Full-Extension
  • Ez Level Drawer Fronts
  • Sealed Signature

If you want to have your Dream Kitchen with these Q12 Standards, Let Us Help you to bring this to life.

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If you are looking for kitchen cabinets that have the highest level of quality and a reasonable price, Golden Source Kitchen provides you with the kitchen cabinets that are in your dreams. If you want to purchase a kitchen cabinet, its quality is very important because if you buy a low-quality kitchen cabinet, you can only use it for a short period of time. However, if you buy one of the Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets that you can find at Golden Source Kitchen, you can use it for a long time. Golden Source Kitchen presents high-quality kitchen cabinets that will last a long time for the customers.  Today, we have talked about Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets that you can buy at Golden Source Kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most used parts of your house and it is important for the whole design of your home. Kitchen cabinets are also significant for the design of your kitchen. If you want to remodel and redesign your kitchen, purchasing a new kitchen cabinet will be the best option for you. Golden Source Kitchen provides the best Fabuwood cabinets and our team always tries to do its best to give the perfect service to you. The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction. We hope that this read is helpful to you.  



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