Did you know the Q12 quality standards of Fabuwood Cabinetry?

Did you know the Q12 quality standards of Fabuwood Cabinetry?

As a customer, you have to make sure that you’re paying for top-class material. A quality product will not only upgrade your kitchen’s look but also serve you in the long run. Thus, the cabinet you’re buying must meet all the pre-defined quality standards.

That’s why every cabinet by Fabuwood satisfies the Q12 quality standards. Read on to know more about this.

Q12 quality standards of Fabuwood cabinets

For any cabinet to achieve Q12 eligibility, it has to meet the following 12 quality measures.

Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets

Quality-sourced lumber

Fabuwood meets this standard as they choose the best lumber for their cabinets. The company examines the lumber and uses only the top-class material for their furniture.

Pro Touch Techniques

This is important for a great first impression and a lasting finish to the cabinets. That’s why Fabuwood cabinets use their pro-touch technique. This results in easy-to-clean and durable cabinets.

Dovetail Construction

To meet this Q12 metric, Fabuwood uses dovetail construction techniques. In this technique, plywood panels are interlocked with solid wood frames using dovetail grooves. This ensures the cabinet’s durability.

Anti-Warp Structures

Here, plywood panels made of reinforcement beams are used with the dovetail construction process. This makes the cabinets sturdy and distortion-resistant.

Metal shelf clips

These are used for making your shelves tough and durable. This Q12 quality metric ensures maximum stability and sturdiness of your cabinet.

Solid Black Builds

For fulfilling this Q12 metric, Fabuwood makes their cabinet backs with a single tough plywood piece. It makes the structure more stable and resilient.  

Flush Fit Frames

Fabuwood uses flush inner frames in the cabinet’s interiors. This makes them more convenient for usage and also makes it eye-catchy!

Finished Interiors

These gorgeous cabinets fulfill this Q12 criterion by top treatment methods for their furniture. It makes the cabinet’s finish robust, and free from bubbling or chipping.

Soft-closing action

Fabuwood uses self-closing hinges along with Blum’s tandem for providing a great self-closing facility. So, it meets this Q12 standard and offers a flexible cabinet design.

Fluid Full-Extension

Do you know why there’s so much space inside Fabuwood cabinet interiors? It’s because these cabinets meet this Q12 feature due to their soft-closing mechanism. This lets you easily slide your drawers in and out while storing your stuff properly.

Ez level drawer fronts

To satisfy this Q12 measure, Fabuwood uses circular discs that can be adjusted in any direction. Thus, the drawer faces can be effortlessly placed.

Sealed Signature

The last Q12 metric requires the company to review its products to meet all the mentioned quality standards. Fabuwood does this too, and a quality assurance seal is placed on every cabinet.

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Wrapping Up

Meeting all Q12 standards, Fabuwood cabinets are a bang for your buck. They are durable, aesthetic, and spacious. You can easily store all your kitchen utensils and accessories in them. So, wait no more and get one today!      



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