Design Your Dream Kitchen With Fabuwood Cabinets

Design Your Dream Kitchen With Fabuwood Cabinets

Are you tired of looking at the same old kitchen cabinet for years? Want to replace it and give your kitchen a facelift? The good news is, all your dreams will be fulfilled. You can stop your tireless search for quality kitchen cabinets in NJ, as Golden Source Kitchen and Bath have brought you the best products in the market – Fabuwood cabinets.

Besides appliances, kitchen cabinets are usually the costliest investments during a remodel. You know you have to pay for the best quality product so that it lasts for years. So, when you’re paying top dollar for a cabinet, you need to make sure it is top-class.

That’s why you have to go for cabinets by Fabuwood, as they are a good value for money.

Kitchen Cabinets By Fabuwood

Fabuwood is by far the number one kitchen cabinet brand for Golden Source Kitchen and Bath. If you’re searching for the best kitchen cabinets in NJ, Fabuwood tops the list. Over the years, the brand has established a name for itself due to its excellent carpentry, breathtaking designs, and reasonable pricing.

The Fabuwood kitchen cabinets offer 3 collections – The Allure series, Classic series, and Value series. You’ll find unique designs and finishes under each category. Furthermore, to offer you the best quality products in the market, these Fabuwood cabinets are made keeping in mind the Q12 quality standards.

These quality features include the following –

• Dovetail construction for all designs

• Soft-closing mechanism for doors and drawers

• Plywood box construction

• Pro-touch techniques ensure durability and make them easy to clean

• A single tough plywood piece is used for manufacturing the cabinet backs  

Take a look at these amazing designs to have a better idea to transform your kitchen.

Value Premium Hallmark Frost

These are some of the newest additions to the Fabuwood kitchen cabinet family. If you want to add a touch of timeless elegance to your kitchen, this is the one for you. Having a minimalistic yet contemporary design, these cabinets will give a very premium look to your kitchen.

The sleek white cabinets reflect light easily, which makes your kitchen look bright and airy. Plus, you get to choose from 4 wonderful finishes – Painted Frost, Brandy, Chestnut, and Pecan. You’ll find the cabinet interiors made of natural wood veneer finish.

If you’re a minimalist and appreciate less clutter in your interiors, you must go for this design.

Classic Wellington

In case you are a fan of vintage art or classic furniture, this collection is bound to appeal to you. The Classic Wellington series add some old-world charm to your kitchen without compromising on its functionality. Although having a vintage look, these cabinets have raised panels, sophisticated woodwork, and applied molding.

The construction is modern and will let you store all your kitchen accessories with ease. The cabinet interiors are finished with a natural wood tone. You also get to enhance its external appearance by using High Sheen finishes. This is also available in one glazed Ivory finish.

So, take your kitchen’s class to another level with Wellington Ivory cabinets today!

Allure Galaxy

The Allure Galaxy collection combines the aspects of modernism and minimalism. If you want a cabinet for the pantry but want it to instantly make an impression, the Galaxy line will suit you. This range of excellent cabinets adds a polished and vibrant look to your kitchen.

With a unique look, sharp design, fine woodwork, this collection of kitchen cabinets will add a modern flair to your kitchen and also to your entire home. The milk-white countertop with a little design at the edges, along with the overall greyish undertone, creates a calm atmosphere.

Fans of offbeat kitchen cabinets will surely love this collection.

Allure / Galaxy / Horizon

Allure Galaxy Espresso

This design under the Galaxy line had to be included because of its distinctive design. Having an interesting color palate of dark chocolate brown, this design has a trendy matt finish. Very sophisticated and elegant, this design looks very sharp. If this is coupled with a white or any light-colored tabletop and accessories, the style quotient will go off the roof!      

Allure / Galaxy / Espresso

Allure Imperio

These are probably the most stylish kitchen cabinets under the Allure category. Coming with features such as applied molding, fine carpentry, flat paneling, and a great color combination, this will be a transformational look for your kitchen.

The traditional line of cabinets stands out because of their poise. They will strike a perfect balance between durability, functionality, and sophistication. It’ll give your kitchen a very up-to-date look, thanks to its detailed contemporary design.

It’s available in dove and painted nickel finishes.

Allure Nexus

This is yet another masterpiece by the Allure collection that adds more vibrancy to your pantry. Having a neutral classic white color, this will complement any other color inside your kitchen. The modern cabinets for the kitchen have crisp lines, recessed paneling, and fine woodwork. Furthermore, the cabinets have wide frames that make your kitchen more graceful.

These cabinets also reflect a lot of light, making the pantry look wider and bright. Your guests may avoid the living room and stay in your kitchen after being thoroughly impressed! The best part about this cabinet’s design it makes your kitchen look fancy without overdoing it.

Allure / Nexus / Slate

Allure Fusion

The Allure Fusion line is another interesting range of Fabuwood cabinets. These set themselves apart by their trendy color combinations, detailed woodwork, classic profiling, and wider rail moldings. Although looking very modern, it still has an old-fashioned feel to it.

The design looks very sturdy and compact and is built to last. Furthermore, you’ll get ample space to store all your belongings and accessories. And that’s not all, the design has three wonderful finishes you can select from – Nickel, Blanc, and Dove.

So, what are you thinking? Check out the Allure Fusion cabinets to transform your kitchen.

Complete Kitchen Cabinet Package

If you have selected your dream kitchen cabinet, you can check out these complete kitchen deals by Golden Source Kitchen & Bath

Choose your: Special Offers

These deals allow you to renovate your cabinet, sink, and countertop together.

To ensure that you get the best kitchen deal in the market, the company offers you these exciting features –

• You get a free sink made of stainless steel along with the packages

• All the packages will be a perfect fit for a 10’ x 10’ kitchen  

• The company will install a custom made granite countertop

• You will receive upper and lower wooden cabinets pre-installed   

You also get these exciting offers on countertops –

• Carrera Quartz Countertops

• Sparkling White Quartz top

• Calacatta Quartz top

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Summing Up

In case you are searching “Fabuwood dealers NJ” online, you can pause the search and rely upon Golden Source Kitchen & Bath. Their primary brand, Fabuwood cabinets, has amazed and satisfied customers across the country. So, they will assure you that you’re getting a great bang for your buck.

Make sure to check out the details given above to select the right kitchen cabinet for you. Along with that, also keep an eye out for the complete package deals offered by Golden Source. With a little research, you can be well on your way to having the most outstanding kitchen transformation ever!     



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